Yew Wood Wanted For A Cane......Just searching

by Richard Racy
(Phoenix, Arizona)

I don't have a story. I have a question.

I want to make a cane of yew wood. (Sometimes, I'm a bit unsteady walking.) I'd love to have one colored and figured like the Sacred Totem sculpture on the site, especially with purple spots!

I'm not sure where to get a supplier of yew wood. I'd need a rod at least 1 inch in diameter and 30 inches long or longer (to allow working excess). I'd love it if the handle were already turned into a crook, but not if it had been "worked on" or "finished." I'll do that. Do you know of anybody who supplies yew wood in rods suitable for making into a cane? Thank you.

Richard Racy
P.S.: I'm Irish and an ordained minister, and I love the fact yew was considered a symbol of eternal life!


Hi Richard,

Arbutus Ron here: I have put your request into the Marketplace page. You didn't provide an email address or other method for someone to contact you, but you could add a comment once this is posted.

Hope you find some!

Hey that is new to me: Thanks!

Yew the symbol of eternal life!

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Oct 17, 2013
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