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The best place to contact me is at .


• For logs, wood, lumber, branches or finished arts or crafts for sale or to buy, please use the MARKETPLACE page to post your info.

• Make sure you provide in your post an email address or phone number!

Again please note: I do not buy or sell Arbutus or Manzanita wood, but other people do or may want to buy.

Most of your questions can be asked at YOUR QUESTIONS and you may already see an answer to your question there.

And if you have any questions about the trees or wood I use, just let me know there. That way I can share it with other Arbutus lovers.

Just e-mail me at,

See the Marketplace link on the left navigation bar if you are looking for a product I do not make or have something to sell. It's free to use.


For other queries I apologize for making you use a form to contact me.

I do so because it prevents spam from happening. If I post my email address here then spam bots can copy it and send out emails all over using my address.

Yuk! I hate spam!... including the canned variety as it is so unhealthy!

Instead, this form tells me a real person is contacting me.

Once you are white-listed in my system, you will not need to go through this process again.

Again, the best place for your GENERAL questions and answers is at this link:
And besides it is quick and easy, so please do write!

Best to you,

Arbutus Ron ... smiling from Arbutus Heights :)

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