Advice on drying a downed Arbutus tree

by Phil Barrett
(Seattle, WA USA)

Love the work you do! Wonderful site.

I have a rather large madrone/arbutus tree that was heavily damaged in a recent wind storm (the top half of the tree snapped cleanly off). After mourning the death of this beautiful tree, I'm thinking of harvesting it as the trunk is unusually straight for the species.

Everything I read says to dry the log before sawing. However, I'm thinking if the grain is fairly straight, it would be ok to saw it while green and air dry it (stickered, ends sealed). Is this a reasonable direction.

Phil Barrett


Ron here...

That's what I would do Phil.

But it will still check and crack in places no matter what you do.

You could try different thicknesses depending on what your project plans are.

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Feb 22, 2017
Drying Arbutus Wood
by: Donna

I've dried rounds of arbutus wood (about 39 inches long, 18" diameter) to make a couple of tables for the deck. Had the tables about 12 years without problems of cracking, warping...
The way I dried the wood is described in the "Tree" section under the post: "Need Arbutus Wood Advice to Make Tabletop".
This may be of help for you.

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