Handmade Wooden Earrings


These handmade wooden earrings from sacred Arbutus tree wood are unique earrings:

one-of-a-kind that no one else in the world will have but you!

I make only a few of them and only have them on occasion. They are just too hard to hold while sanding because of their smaller size.

The wood comes from the rarest and best of Arbutus wood from Madrone trees that have died from old age or have fallen down.

The wood is carefully selected from the rarest parts of those trees... the burl wood at the base or deep rich colors from old trees. Hard, tricky to work and simply gorgeous.

Last year I found a giant Arbutus tree that had died about a year before. You can tell from the color of the bark and how big the tiniest branches are. The tree has started to become hollow inside which often happens as they die from the inside out.

You can sometimes find trees hollow for about 10-20 feet up from the base.

The wood from this giant is gorgeous, especially near the ground. This is the kind of wood I use for these unique handmade earrings.

Because they are so hard to hold because of their small size, they are difficult to make.

You will love these handmade wooden earrings. One of a kind delights that only you will have.

Here are some pictures below.

The size of the gift boxes you see in the pictures is 3.5"x3.5".

So you can easily estimate the size of your handmade wood earrings.


Handmade wooden earrings are so rare...

The wood is rare. I use only my very best pieces for them.

Because their size is small it takes quite the effort to make them so I have made fewer than 100 sets.

The price is a steal at $100 a set. (I also may make an occasional Ultra grade). Once these are gone, I may not be able to make more... they are just too difficult to make as the wood wants to fly out of my hands as I try to hold them against the sanders.

You can inquire if I have any in stock or order them for when I do.


Below you can see the ones I currently have for sale... ... top row is $75, bottom row is $100. When you order you can tell me after which one you want...


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