Exotic Hardwoods of the Pacific Northwest

exotic hardwoods of the Pacific northwest

Why is Madrone Wood also known as Arbutus Wood one of the best exotic hardwoods in the world? Why also are Manzanita Wood and Yew Wood such prized hardwoods?


These hardwood trees of the Pacific northwest have such an appeal because of their variety, richness of grain, hardness and beautiful finishes.

If harvested from forest fall downs and dead branches, then these trees make incredible eco friendly wood products.

Being such prized and rare trees, the source of the wood is essential to know if you are going to buy something.

These domestic hardwoods are the perfect wood for crafts, like wooden sculptures, wooden salad utensils or wood salad hands, pendant jewelry and wood carved art.

The wood from these exotic trees - Arbutus (Madrone) wood, Manzanita wood (actually it is a shrub not a tree), and Yew wood - vary quite a bit from species to species.

What they have in common is a unique and exciting look you won't find anywhere else!


Gorgeous exotic hardwoods...

Madrone Wood has by far the most varied colors from pale white to very dark brown almost black with pinks, browns and reds in between.

Manzanita wood, when dead, turns its pale wood into a stunning deep red, darker than mahogany. Being a shrub, it is not easy to find enough wood to make say exotic floors.

You will find more info on the Manzanita Tree further in the site but suffice it to say that Manzanita wood is best for small art wood sculptures or wood knives and letter openers.

The Yew wood from Yew Trees is closer to an orange color with an amazing grain pattern. It is a stunning and very hard wood.

Exotic hardwood floors are possible to make from the Arbutus or the Madrone tree if you are able to dry the wood properly. These hardwood floors would beat out any imported hardwood. But it would not be easy to do!

You will get lots of reject Madrone wood in so doing. It will be a very labor intensive project. But you will end up with a stunning, beyond words, floor, especially if you are able to use some burl wood!

These types of hardwood are prized on the coast for their beauty and, being a domestic hardwood, have an allure and finish all their own.

If you can find an eco friendly wood for crafts source when visiting here, then you can make your own country wood crafts or buy here my wood crafts for sale!

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