Arbutus Branches Please.

I would like to drive from Calgary, Alberta to visit you for a day, and to visit your land. To walk on your land among the Arbutus, looking for deadfall branches from the winter storms. If that were possible, and if you were to allow me, I'd be walking an inch off the ground out of happiness.

I have worked on motion picture and stage production for 38 years in Calgary. Sounds ok, but seldom pays enough (Calgary is an expensive city to live in). Anyway, I'm not rich, even so, I'd be happy to pay you to allow me to cut some Arbutus branches (standing dead, and dead fall ONLY). To that I'd promise.

I'm approaching 60, and can't keep on high rigging in the Saddledome in Calgary for concerts, or being head flyman on operas and broadway shows at the Jubilee Auditorium. Both are pretty heavy work, and I'm wearing down some. Ah well.

I want to sculpt beautiful wood. That's my pleasure. Arbutus became a love of mine when I saw and held some last year. I respect the nature of that tree, the bark is great, and the wood is beautiful. I want to do some really fine sculpting, basically in branches, not trunk material. Intricate, detailed, enhancing the natural curves and elbows. My art.

Don't worry... even though your place sounds like a pair-o-dice (paradise), I promise not to stay. I am VERY respectful, and would honor the privilege of being there. I would not leave any mess, or cut anything but dead fall, or standing dead that is almost down. I would treat your land and its occupants better than I treat my self. Certain branches only, not big ones either. I'd carry (not drag) them out. Minimum disturbance.

So, what do you think? Would you consider such a proposition? Please email back to: Ivan Hawkes at: Thank You!!!

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