Arbutus Lumber and Burls For Sale

We are the unfortunate losers in a legal finding that resulted in our having to cut about thirty fairly sizable madronas to enhance a neighbor's view.

We have sold some of the larger trunks to a furniture maker and have had a number of shorter pieces milled by a two guys with a portable sawmill and a drying kiln.

So what we have left is a bunch of pieces that would be good for turning--lots of branched chunks with fungus. We also have quite a lot of smaller diameter pieces, some as long as 6 feet.

Probably the most interesting piece is a rather huge burl that we have no idea how to deal with. There are also quite a few root pieces from two more stumps.

We are familiar with the Canadian Gulf Is. and have been to Salt Spring and seen the remarkable work the turners have done there and hope you are connected with them enough to pass on this info.

Our primary desire is to see these poor trees utilized for furniture and other decorative items--definitely not firewood. It would be nice to realize some financial benefit from this wood as we spent nearly $20K in our losing effort to defend our trees but trees aren't valued for their esthetic qualities here in Skagit County as much as for lumber.

Our place is on Samish Island across the border from you and if this tale of woe interests you let us know if you would like to have some of this beautiful wood.

Regards, Karen & Jim Hadman


Sounds like a sad story when so many live trees have to be cut down.

I have moved this submission to the Marketplace and hopefully someone can find you through that area.

If you send some kind of contact info, I can post it in here with it. An email address works.

good luck,

Arbutus Ron

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Sep 03, 2014
Awesome Mike. NEW
by: Tash

Fire me an email and see if we can work something out...

Sep 03, 2014
Tash, I have burls NEW
by: Mike

I have burls, small to huge.

Jan 20, 2014
Arbutus NEW
by: ron

Any chance there is turntable wood left? 2506185677
Ron kirk

Oct 23, 2013
Interested NEW
by: Tash Baycroft

I could be interested in that big burl... My business partner and I are constantly on the lookout for arbutus burls. Not sure if we'd be able to import that into Canada very easily but you can email me at tashunkab at gmail dot com if you still have the burl and see what we might be able to arrange.


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