Arbutus Wood and Logs For Sale

by Roland Zerebeski
(Saskatoon, SK)

I have about 1500 square feet of band-saw-milled Arbutus wood 1/2" thick. It was milled about 1998 on the west coast of British Columbia and was bundled back as the log, with waste arbutus strip spreaders to air dry. It has been kept the same since.

I have logs from about 30" to about 10' long, straight sections varying from about 9 or 10" to 14" or so in diameter. Most of it dried amazingly flat. A lot of it would make beautiful butterfly paneling or flooring.

I now live in Saskatchewan and have transported it here years back, because it was so beautiful a wood and I wanted to use it myself. I am ill now and am willing to part with it. Call and we can discuss the price.

Contact me or Vivian at (306)881-2482 or

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