Baby safe wood feeding spoons

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My husband bought some very pretty little olive wood spoons from a market in France and I wanted to know if you thought they would make safe baby spoons. I've no idea what the finish is though I presume olive oil... Is a presumption enough when it comes to my baby's safety however!? I'm just trying to avoid all the plastic that comes with everything baby these days.

Is there any way to tell if there's only olive oil on it or anything else that I should be wary of? And what do you think about using them for my baby in general...

Thank you for your time and help and for your very interesting site.

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Hi Suzy, Arbutus Ron here...

If it didn't say what is the finish, then you cannot assume it is olive oil.

So if you are concerned, get some very fine sandpaper and sand it down. Then you can apply some walnut or mineral regularly to it, or just leave it unfinished. Wood develops a natural patina like finish the more it is used.

This way you can feel safe for your baby.

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