Board for fish - to oil, to wax (both)?

by Tom


Liked your website, very interesting and filled with good advice.
I wanted to ask you a query, I am a amateur stone carver but am contemplating a first project in
wood. Sometimes my fiancée and I cook a whole poached salmon, but the difficulty is finding a nice dish to put it on - so I thought I'd make one. I was thinking perhaps of Lime but also maybe Rosewood or oak. But the question is how to finish it, should I just use your Walnut oil, beeswax and oil or varnish or shellac ( Shellac?) I think I'd prefer the oil from what you say maybe with the wax, but I saw on your tips you suggested ( hinted) that you shouldn't use beeswax if meat were to be served on it - this will have fish ( possibly with sauce) - please advise?

Also the Walnut is it just the same you'd buy in a supermarket/ whole foods or does it need to be specially for wood work?

Appreciate your advice in advance.
Kind regards


Ron here...

Yes walnut oil at the supermarket is fine.

for meat and fish normally unfinished wood is best for raw meat or fish as wood has a natural protection, That's why butcher blocks are never finished.

Given that your's is cooked, I would also go with raw wood. Ever have a steak on wood at a restaurant. It is raw.

Just wash really well in very hot soapy water.

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