Boat Interior Teak

by Roy
(Brookings, Oregon)

I'm experimenting with coatings for old, dry, partially salt-water-stained boat interior teak. I want to stay away from petroleom-based or hard-glossy finishes. I want to oil.

So far I've tried lemon oil: very thin, light and clean, pleasant to apply, but evaporates and doesn't last long.

Tung Oil (blend): OK, but stays greasy a bit too long.

Coconut oil: Nice, but somehow lacks shine.

Walnut Oil: Excellent! Deep and shiny (Not sure how long-lasting yet).

Question: What if I apply a coating of lemon oil, and follow a day later with walnut oil?

For photos of my boat see:


Arbutus Ron here...

Great looking boat Roy!

Try a small space and see how it works...

I would add some beeswax to the walnut oil as a simple and more protective coating. It will also have more shine to it and it is a natural and safe wood finish.

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