Can Madrona be used Outside?

by Kyle
(Washington State)

We have Madrona Trees on our property in the San Juan Islands, WA. One large branch fell and I used it for decoration indoors. When I went to get more branches, however, the entire thing had turned black. We were hoping to use a branch for a porch railing. Did it turn black because it was out in the elements (rain) or was it some kind of fungus? Wondering if I cut a healthy branch off and use it for a porch railing if it will eventually turn black?


Ron here...

Yes turning black is part of the process of decomposition.

So for an outdoor railing you would have to use a dry piece with an outdoor varathane to protect it.

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Jun 23, 2018
Thank you for the information Ron
by: Kyle


I appreciate your quick response. OK then we will bring a fresh piece inside and dry it. Any idea how long we should dry it?



Depennds on thickness, how green etc. Use your judgment.

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