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Bamboo Canteen food safe wood finish

Bamboo Canteen food safe wood finish


I'm making Bamboo Canteens and I am seeking a way to seal the inside of the Bamboo cross section.

I'm not sure what type of food safe wood finish I should be using, if any at all.

I've attached a picture of the item I'm making. This one is finished except for sealing the inside.



Arbutus Ron here...

Bamboo is pretty water resistant so you could leave the inside unfinished since you have sealed the outside.

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Nov 30, 2016
by: Anonymous

Many, many, moons ago I was reenactor of colonial crafts. I did many crafts. One was leather working where I made a mug out of leather. The interior was sealed using brewers pitch. This sealant is only for containers for room temperature and below quaffs. The advantage of this stuff is that if it cracks (due to bonking someone on the head or dropping it), just hold it over a candle to remelt it.

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