Cedar Charcuterie Boards

Hello, I am doing 6 charcuterie boards for a large event. I purchased six untreated cedar 2x12 which are each 4 ft long. I have rounded all the corners and sanded each board front and back to make sure the wood is clean. They have been rinsed off and are drying. Because of the volume of wood that needs to be oiled I am thinking of using mineral oil (cost effective). How much oil would I need for that amount of board and do I oil them front and back? Do I apply just one coat of oil? Should I sanitize the board with lemon juice or vinegar before oiling. I was reading some of the other posted information and you said "Not to oil chopping boards or blocks that were used for meat, that it is best to have the natural wood which inhibits germs". The meats on a charcuterie board are deli meats, there are cheeses, nuts and fruits on the board as well. Thanks in advance for your help.


Good questions!
1. If meat will be on it, then the best is no oil for optimum sanitation... wood naturally does that. Delimeats are not the same as raw meat so you could oil the boards... your call.

2. If you decide to oil with mineral oil, a liter should be more than adequate for at least one coat possibly 2, but cedar will drink it in.

3. wood loves oil so 2 or 3 coats would be great and then from time to time.

Good luck!


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