chopping board moss removal

by Richard
(Lancashire England)

Hello, I am planning on cutting a block of tree trunk down for a chopping board. I have found your information on food-safe finishes very helpful but before I start there is moss on the trunk itself and I would like to leave some bark on one edge of the board, is there a safe way of removing the moss so I can commence with preparing the wood or will I have to resign myself to removing all the bark?


Arbutus Ron here...

Hi Richard,

Good question.

I think it best to make the board and see how clean and tight the bark is. Of course you should peel off the moss first.

If clean and tight the bark against the grain, then it may be OK to use but if any space then germs can enter.

Disinfect with some white vinegar.

Just be careful that it can't become a breeding ground for germs.

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