Cortes Island - my long distance love

by Georgette

Let me begin by saying that I have never visited Cortes Island, and yet I know lots of things about it. The reason for this is simple: I work for a travel / car rental company at and a part of my job is to browse the internet on a regular basis, gathering as much information as possible.

One of these virtual journeys has led me to several great pictures, and even YouTube movies like this one here; I think that they can only capture a small part of the beauties that this island has to offer, but it's enough to make you love it.

What other things I know about Cortes Island? I know that Island Timberlands wanted to cut down the trees on the island; an online petition was put up (in January 2012, if I remember it right) and more than 6,800 people have signed it until today, in their desire to protect the island.

Finally, I know that I might not be able to visit Cortes Island; the costs would be quite big, at least for my current financial possibilities. Still, being able to see the world from a distance, even through other people's eyes and cameras, is a great blessing for me.

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