Finding the Owl Feather on Cortes Island

by Juli Nelson
(Tiber Bay, Cortes Island)

Yesterday I was taking a meditative walk, breathing through my nose deeply as I made my way out to Mary Point, which is a twenty minute walk from Ron's home.

The first part of the walk takes you down a steep path on the bluffs, through forest of Arbutus, fir, cedar, and spruce to Tiber bay beach, where I have been swimming frequently.

Then you must walk through a big beautiful old forest, that is so lush and green I sometimes feel that I will cry with joy at its magic! After that there is a big grassy field "the clear-cut" where you can start to follow an old road.

As soon as I stepped onto to the old road, there was an owl feather laying there in my path. The strange thing is, a friend and I had been working on a story together the night before, in which we find owl feathers and use them as magic wands.

This place certainly is a magic and nurturing land!

Thanks to all!

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