food safe finish for green turned bowls

by Pete Muileboom
(Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada)


I usually turn my bowls from green wood,turning them to finished thickness and sanded , then apply a linseed, varnish,turpintine mix one to one to one.

Is possible to apply a food safe finish to a, just turned green bowl? Like walnut oil or mineral oil without letting it dry first.

I am using Black Cherry, Hickory , Swamp white oak, and apple, I just turned a couple of small bowls of each of these woods,i would like to try the walnut oil or mineral oil, or add some bees wax.

Please let me know what you think?
Thank you very much.


Arbutus Ron here...
Oiling green wood is not a good idea as the wood will want to dry out and the oil will inhibit it.

That said, if you want to experiment on a seconds piece you can monitor the impact on a green piece that way.

Then you can decide if that is OK for you.

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