Food Safe Wood Finish and Fixing Wood Cracks in Cuting Boards

by Arbutus Ron
(Cortes Island)

Here is the place to come to share your ideas on how to fix small cracks in wood cutting boards and chopping blocks.

And on food safe wood finishes.

To that end, I will comment on the finishes.

I have used mineral oil in the past. It is a very good and inexpensive clear food safe wood finish. And it dries after application overnight unlike say an olive oil. And it will not go rancid like olive oil can over time.

I have found walnut oil wood finish to be superior to mineral oil. First it is not a petroleum manufactured product. Second, it has been used for many centuries in French polish wood finishes. Third, it dries like mineral oil and feels better on my hands if I am doing a lot of pieces (which I do!).

It enriches the grain and has a slight added color to it.

But it is more expensive! I use it anyway as I like it a lot.

I also make my own food safe wood finish for my top of the line Ultra and Supreme selections. It is my special combination of natural walnut oil, beeswax and orange oil.

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