Food Safe Wood Finish

by Zenon

Recently I started "studying" the issues of oil finish of wood used for utensils and hand tool like planes or chisels.

Some experts recommend linseed oil, raw one or boiled. To ensure good penetration some of them advice to mix the linseed oil with turpentine, 50/50 even.

My question is if it is advisable in case of walnut oil? Is it safe for food and consumer? If not, then why?

Thanks a lot for your answer in advance.



Arbutus Ron here:

Linseed oil anyway you want it is fine for hand tools and non food items but not for food use. Yes you can if you want dilute it with turpentine.

Walnut oil is much safer if you want a food safe wood finish for wood cutting boards etc but never put oil on a meat cutting board. Raw wood has a natural antiseptic for meat boards. Still keep them clean and you can wipe those with vinegar or lemon juice every now and then.

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