Food safe wood finishing vis a vis different types of wood..

by Don
(Guanajuato, Mexico/British Columbia, Canada)

Basilica, Old Town Guanajuato, Mx

Basilica, Old Town Guanajuato, Mx


Thank you for this Q. and A. forum by the way.

I live in Mexico and I recently commissioned an artisan to make a 30cm. by 30cm. tortilla press as a Christmas gift for my son, who I will see when I return to Canada for the holidays.

He did a nice job and I am pleased with the item!

It is made of solid Mesquite wood and at present is in its completely natural state.

Your information above on food safe wood finishing oils is exactly what I had been searching for.

My only question is whether or not your suggestions would vary at all depending on the type of wood used.

Thank you for any advice you may be able to provide.......Don



Hi Arbutus Ron here...

I like your photo, Don!

Walnut oil is a great food safe wood finish. That said you are going to be using it on something hot I imagine so the temperature is a question:
walnut oil has a 320 degree F smoke point:

So you can go higher since the oil wil have been tried into the wood when you use it and you will probably be using a cooking oil for your tortillas. So I see no problem using the walnut oil.

And it doesn't matter what kind of wood you want to use it on. The difference is only how fast it dries. You can use several coats if you want. Let dry well for a day or 2 between them.

Good luck!

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