Forest is listening

by Claudia Neff
(Aloha Oregon)

In the same protected forest where i started my love for madronas I " meant " an old gent..i say that because of the wethered face on the trunk of aa douglas fir.adorned with the exocticly shaped stubby.branches resembling taselled hair. I meditated one full moon day and sang a quiet song sitting up against his trunk.trying to "FEEL" a conection. I am a liberal thinker but finally got discouraged after 15 minutes. I cursed my self in my head and started to stand up to go...when a huge carryer hawk landed 5 feet above my head squawking all the while.i managed to research its meaning on my animal totem website.i saw that an encounter is rare but means: wake up.The facts are in front of you.believe"

Then 4 more of the same species of birds landed and squawked very loudly 100 feet on four trees surrounding the cove...the 1st hawk finally meant my stare squawked and flew up to nearby tree to join the other. After a few moments of shatter they all flew out of site.

In a few seconds all was quiet in the forest again. Intelligence is everywhere....a slower pace but "listening"

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