Gorgeous Curves

by Luz Maria
(Eugene, Oregon, USA)

All I can say is that a rainy day in Oregon can lead you to distinct pleasures. The landscape is incredible. There is a price to pay for lush terrain, namely rain.

There is a beauty to rain, misty mornings and surrounding nature that sings to the tune of intermittent showers.

While driving along curvy roads, I came across a tree of such beauty. At first I thought it was an art creation carved to adorn a pathway, but realized that it was a well placed tree that carved a space along the entrance of a pathway. Curvy and smooth was its bark, dripping with rain drops and gracing attention because no other tree looked anything like it along this small road of t somewhat well-to-do type neighborhood. Such neighborhoods tend to sprout around natural settings and glisten with subtle pride, but this tree said it all. Glistening with subtle beauty which by all account is the reason that my photo captured only the pathway and the tree.

Just simply gorgeous!

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