Heartthrobe Madrona Mia

by Karla Locatelli
(Scotts Valley, Ca.)

Once in a Lifetime Madrone

Once in a Lifetime Madrone

I could hardly wait, the following Sunday, to scope out my heartthrob tree limb. I just knew it would be close as to whether the heart was still beating or had peeled away without a final good-bye.

I never knew I could get this intense about a tree limb with a heart! I remember recently being skeptical about this horde of humanity worshiping an imaginary image of the Mother of ….in a tree a couple of years ago. I guess this is my small pilgrimage. I do feel more compassion for the visions of others. I get it.

I was happy to be able to continue photographing my heart during her slow disappearing act during the early morning fog; she was turning under her left lobe, all the while a long, a deep slice was running through her right lobe. Time and the elements were masterfully peeling away the layers; I knew when the sun fully embraced the beautiful Madrone tree limb the serious surgery or peeling would begin in earnest.

A quiet farewell…click, click, click of my Canon, the beating of my own aging heart, and the softly peeling skin all rejoicing together, all celebrating together knowing that life is beautiful, enduring and a once in a lifetime experience.

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