How to move a dead Arbutus tree?

by Dave

I have a large, dead Arbutus tree that we had to bring down in the back yard. I'd like to use some of the Arbutus wood but don't know how or where to mill it or season it. The yard isn't accessible by vehicle, unfortunately so I'd have to remove it in pieces small enough to lift by hand. Any advice welcome.



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Jun 09, 2010
Moving Arbutus wood chunks and a custom option for your Arbutus tree
by: Arbutus Ron

Hi Dave,

Just like I do, you will have to carry the Arbutus wood out by hand. So cut it into firewood size pieces and it'll make it easier but not easy!

If still too heavy, then cut the piece in half lengthwise with your chainsaw by lying it on its side. You'll have to find someone with a bandsaw to then cut it into small lumber. I don't think a professional wood mill could deal with small pieces.

If you want, you can mail me a chunk and I will make what you want: ie., wooden salad sets or wood knives, etc. made from your wood. The cost would be double my normal price for using your wood and tracking it. Just mail it to me. Then you would have a souvenir of your tree!

Good luck,

Arbutus Ron

ps. To slow cracking as it dries, put some old paint or wax on the ends of the wood.

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