I'm "crushed" that I can't wait for this tree to grow!

by Linda
(Arroyo Grande,Cal.)

I'm a "tree lover" so last year I hated to sell my house, 2 miles from Pacific Ocean/Central Coast because it has two 30 yr.old "strawberry" trees!

My new house is in the same area and I'm landscaping my yard. I've been shopping for the tree this week and in a 100 mile area, I can only find a 24 gal. size! I thought I was going to easily find one and it would be taller! I can't use a crane even if I could find/order a 36 gal! I've been in tears because right now the tree only looks like a bush! I know they are slow growing and I don't have many years to wait! I am "crushed"!

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