Is Arbutus wood ok to leave for awhile before splitting?

by Ans Steenman
(Galiano Island)

I had a huge arbutus tree taken down as it was rotting and over my cabin. I don't have anyone who is ready to split it. Is it ok to leave until winter, someone told me it gets harder to split later, then another someone told me it is easier after it has dried out, which is it?

Also what do you think I could ask for a cord of arbutus after it has been split?

Thanks Ans Steenman


Arbutus Ron here...

Green wood is usually easier to split than dry wood. Arbutus cracks as it dries so it can also be split when drier... both are not easy with Arbutus!

Dry arbutus is good firewood so I imagine you could sell it for whatever the going rate is in your area for other wood.

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