Largest Yew wood in Idaho

by haveknot woodworking
(N. Idaho)

About 15 years ago I bought a pc of property in Northern Idaho. I noticed quite a few evergreen trees with little red berries on them. I soon learned these tress were yew. About 5 years ago I got into wood turning. As I experimented with different woods I kept hearing about how nice yew wood turns and polishes up. But I couldn't bring myself to cut one down as I had never seen yew trees this big. So one night I was on the computer and plugged in "Yew Wood in Idaho" I read and read and then came to a paragraph about the largest Yew wood Tree in Idaho which was located in Hells Canyon. They listed the size and I thought "hmmm, mine are that big or better" So the next day I went through measuring and checking. For sure I have 3 trees bigger than the one in Hells canyon. But I will never tell where. I did remove one tree and yes it is stunning wood to turn. I have my own little grove of about 30 trees, all growing on a north facing slope with a canopy and plenty of water.

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