Madrona "Maddy" Madison

by Michael C. Scott
(Bremerton, Washington U.S.A.)

Living in the Pacific Northwest is a blessing. The beautiful landscapes and thriving communities make for a fine place to call home or just visit. I live in Bremerton, Washington which is a 1 hour ferry ride from Seattle. I am an adult with mental health challenges. I have a Madrona branch which I found at my friend Natasha's property in Seabeck, Washington. This branch has features resembling an androgynous person and makes for a nice walking stick. I need to get more exercise... I named this branch Maddy. Her full name is Madrona Maddy Madison. Over the years I have had some struggles with depression and anxiety. After finding Maddy I developed a meaningful relationship with God, the spirit world, family, friends, myself, and interestingly schizophrenia. I am currently a client at Kitsap Mental Health and will continue with keeping positive while managing my time and lifestyle. I love people and want to like everybody all the time but I've learned this to be impossible. Maddy is supportive and has an optimistic attitude which is wonderful.

Sincerely, Michael C. Scott ~

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