Madrona Mia What Views Part 2

by Karla Locatelli
(Scotts Valley, Ca)

Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day

If you read my first Madrona Mia What Views there were no photos of my second favorite viewing level, the “ultra crust”. This level is the highest on our property. With binoculars I can feel the ocean spray—well, almost. At least I see the fog and feel its coolness with only my Irish eyes and my Canon power shot.

Eighty acres of trees and up and down wilderness with its snakes, ticks and poison oak can be overwhelming and a daunting task. If, however, you are like my husband, 100% Italian and a man on a mission you relish the challenge even at 69. He wants to “clean up” the place while I want to enjoy my new found loves: Canon, computer, and M&Ms… Madrones and Manzanitas.

Irish Eyes Karla ……….smiling from Whalebone

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