Madrone Burl

I purchased a Block of Madrone Burl and you are an expert in this field. I have that block many coats of Green Wood End sealer. It is thick. Do is it save it so I can keep it like that until I can put it on my lathe to make something out of it?

I will take your advise. The Madrone wood burl block is 12"x12"x4" and I purchased it from Oregon Burl.

Thank you

Joe Touet

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Mar 29, 2011
Turn it wet.
by: Vestedjoe

You can turn the burl green, wet that is, but keep the outside 10percent in thickness of the wall relative to the diameter of the piece.
Wet wood turns much easier that dried wood.

Mar 07, 2011
How To Dry a Madrone Wood Burl
by: Arbutus Ron

Hi Joe,

From the size it looks like you will be turning a bowl. You didn't say if the burl wood was green or already partially dry. But it sounds like you put some sealant on it. because it was green.

Burls are real tricky because the cellular structure of the burl wood is different and can be very difficult for it to dry without changing shape, warping or cracking. Many turners turn their wood while green and then let it slowly dry in a paper bag inside a plastic one. By removing the bulk of the wood, there is less to crack but still the trick is to keep it from drying quickly.

And some turners use a microwave!

Since I am not a wood turner, I can't provide more info than this but try here:

Good luck!


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