Manzanita Branches Adorned with Moss and Lichen

by Karla Locatelli
(Scotts Valley, Ca.)

Manzanita  1

Manzanita 1

It is as if you are walking through a different world when you meander through a dense crowded moss and lichen adorned Manzanita forest…primeval feeling for sure; spooky while beautiful. Until you get up close and personal you won’t experience the amazing intricacies of this ecosystem. It has worked perfectly for millions of years; long before humans began to populate this incredible globe.

I love the intense interdependency between Manzanita and the moss/lichen that cling to the outstretched branches in such a dramatic fashion. I admire the dry subtle colors, the small circular colonies of lichen, the flamboyant moss draping every limb and the earthy red-brown bark in sharp contrast with the blue sky and various shades of floral green…mighty lovely.

Every shot is beautiful; how could this group of Manzanita be otherwise? Yet, I must delete some of my photos and store others to keep. It truly gets personal. I want each and everyone to receive applause and accolades for surviving on this craggy mountain area that is so hot, dry and windy.

Irish Eyes Karla Smiling from Whalebone

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