Momma Madrona Tree

by Ashley
(Olympia, WA)

I fell deeply in love with a Madrona tree near my home. Just thinking about the tree fills me with the most intense Love! The tree itself is HUGE and illuminates Divine energy at every inch. I call her "Momma Madrona because she reminds me of a Grandmother.

The swirls of her trunk capture a sense of ancient beauty. I often eat little pieces of her bark and bring small offerings to show my Love and gratitude for her presences.

I find it intriguing and true that Madrona Trees embody the balance between Light and Dark. I'm often reminded by just being around her; my own Shadow...especially when I'm not willing to face it. And, in times of Light I feel overwhelmed with magic and Love and I see clearly the gracefulness of the World.

I decided to look up some sacred meanings around Madrona trees and I'm delighted that the first thing I read was this post above. I truly admire and rejoice every day in the friendship I've made with this particular Madrona tree. :-D

Blessings, Ashley & and my growing baby (I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant)

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