Mount Denman

by Joseph

hi there, great to see you have summited Mount Denman. I am planning to do the same, and am just wondering: is the logging road you took on the north or south side of Forbes Creek? The maps I have seen indicate that the only one lies on the south side, however it seems to me that this would create an issue in crossing Forbes creek further up the valley. Also, do you have any information about the Klahoose band, such as how to contact them or what is the best and most respectful way to approach Denman through their land?


Ron here...

Yes the logging road begins somewhere to the north. Get beyond the shore brush entering at least half way up the foot of the bay.

Or follow the trail along the creek from the Klahoose campsite. It goes quite a way up the valley. But then you got to get lucky when you head off to the left as it peters out so that you don't have a jungle of underbrush as you try to find the logging road which is very faint. Most streams that come off the mountain still have logs over them for the road, but I bet it was a long time ago they logged there.

I think you are cool to just go through. If they are there, then ask them , but I have never been there when they were there. But they are good and friendly people, and you can mention me that you are following the way I wrote to get up the mountain. They would know me from Arbutus utensils I make.

Good luck!

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Jun 20, 2018
by: Joseph

hi Ron,

Thanks very much for the info, I appreciate it. The plan is to go this August. I'll let you know how we fare!


Ron here...
Remember to bring bug netting for your head for evening when no-see-ems come out.

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