Planting a Madrone Tree

by Steve Tomczek
(Killeen, Tx)

I first saw a Madrone in the Hill Country region of Austin, Texas. We had to stay about 20 ft away from it. I have a young tree (about three inches high) and want to make sure I am successful in growing it.

The ground in central Texas is loaded with limestone. In fact my subdivision is called White Rock because of it. The rock layers begin in earnest a foot or so down. I have a good sunny location and can raise the surface of the ground a foot if needed. Suggestions on type soil and how I can best put the "nursery" together so the tree thrives.



Hi Steve,

I actually do not know as I only watch them grow and have never raised one. An arborist may have an idea. Madrone trees do like well drained soil.

Make sure you keep the north south line the same if you move it, but I would try to keep it in the same place if you can. But if a seedling then sun, well drained soil, small rocks and stones ok for the roots to grab and anchor to.

Let me know what you do or find out.

Good luck!


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