raw linseed oil

by enviromom
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)


I bought raw linseed oil to oil salad bowls and our kitchen table that my father-in-law stripped and refinished. Also, I am looking for an all-purpose oil for the rest of our furniture side and coffee tables, piano buffet etc, teak and mahogany (some antiques) etc.

However, I just read that linseed oil will discolour the wood over time. Is this not the case with Tung and Walnut oils? Do linseed, walnut and tung and the other drying oils create build-up over time that needs to be removed?

Also, the Circa 1850 product Terra Nova Naturoil does not state which oils are in it's blend. As I prefer not to use the petroleum product mineral oil, I have been avoiding this product. They also state that their raw Tung Oil product is not food safe.
Also, do bamboo cutting boards require oiling?
Thanks so much.

---------Ron here...

Linseed oil is not food safe.
Wood naturally darkens with time.

If you want no color, then mineral oil is the better choice for food safe but I like walnut oil which will enrich with its pale yellow color.
Try on a small piece of wood to see.

Raw tung oil sold by Lee Valley is food safe.

Much has to do with personal preference.

No wood board requires oiling... but wood likes oil.

If used for cutting meat then do not oil as wood is anti-bacterial.

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