Refinishing antique wooden utensils

by Murphy
(Manor, Texas)

I have been given my grandmothers wooden rolling pin and would like to refinish it so I can use it as it is a unique size compared to the type bought in today's market. The problem is the wood has a decent size split and a small crater in the center of the rolling pin. What would I use to fill in the gaps so food does not get stuck down inside, and would I need to sand and start all over with one of the oils mentioned above.

Thank you,



Thanks for the question Murphy!

You will need to get a small amount of epoxy fill from Lee Valley tools. hey can be coloured to your choice. When dry it can be sanded and then everything oiled.

Just make sure the rolling pin is real dry before you fill it otherwise it could open the crack more later and you would have to repeat the process.

Let me know how it works out.

Arbutus Ron

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