Sacred Yew Tree Cut Down in Hate Crime

When I researched it years ago, I determined that the beautiful wide spreading, many trunked yew in front of my urban home was a European Yew. I'm not entirely sure how many years old it is. I can only be sure of about 25 years. In normal times, I pruned it carefully each year, to keep its natural shape, but allow for movement around it in the garden and entrance of my home. Like the historical story told here, I built my altar/meditation space in my porch office one thickness of a window away from it.

I'm a member of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends and Bruno teaches us to go to a place of beauty to absorb the heilstrom (the healing wave) and if we are looking for God to go to nature.

When I would practice this receiving of heilstrom the yew tree would fill with birds. Sparrows, cardinals, bluejay, robins. Squirrels too would jump on and run up and down it. It was a strong and beautiful tree, a gift I was thankful for each day.

It helped to clean the polluted air of an urban environment for my strained lungs. It offered me privacy when I worked long hours in my office. It even provided me protection from a stalker. This beautiful yew tree has been maliciously cut down as part of a hate crime.

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