sealant on a cracked bowl?

by Dorothy

Hi- I recently bought a kava bowl and followed the instructions which were to immerse it in water for up to a week, regularly changing the water until the water ran clear.

Two weeks later and after several changes of water the bowl is still bleeding a red/brown dye and the bowl has developed twp large cracks with one crack being a couple of millimetres wide.

What can I do to seal the crack and salvage the bowl as a kava bowl?


Ron here...

My daughter says about cracks, "Going crackers!"

It's a problem not easily solved.

1. Use it for fruit or nuts etc rather than liquids... then the crack does not matter

2. Get an epoxy, add color to it and then use to fill the crack. Then sand. Do this only after the bowl is completely dry.

3. Ask the bowl maker for his ideas.

4. If you followed instructions and the bowl cracked, then ask for an exchange or refund!

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