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Hi there,

Mitch from Salt Spring Island.

The latest of my dream projects is a new dining room table. I built my kitchen with fir and arbutus and arbutus burl. I would love to get hold of 2 or 3 sequential, wide slabs (i.e. all from the same tree, in the hope of getting a live edge on one side a board in the middle and a corresponding live edge on the other side of the table - and grain/colour consistency).

Any chance - I'm looking at a finished top of about 5/4, so a 2 inch rough milled would allow for the inevitable twist and warp I will encounter. I'll probably get Canadian Bavarian in Chemainus to dry it, as they seem to get just about everything right.

I really hope you can help.

PS we have had a pair of your salad servers for 10 years, they still look gorgeous. Every wedding we've been invited to since includes a pair!

Hope you can help



Hi MH, Arbutus Ron here.
Thanks for the kind feedback.
Don't have any slabs happening at all.

All my wood is in processed lumber sizes of small firewood sizes. Ask around at various small lumber yards to see if they have anything or Bob who makes bowls on your island.

Best of luck! Sure sounds like quite a fine wood project you are doing!

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