Smelly furniture wax on hutch

by Sonja
(San Diego)

I bought two hutches imported from Mexico last month, only to discover that they had a repulsive chemical smell. After a few weeks, the hutches don't really smell until the drawers and cabinet are opened. An email to the company did nothing to figure out what products were used in finishing, but I'm assuming it's not food safe. Is that a fair assumption? I Hesitate putting dishes/utensils in it. What should I do?


Arbutus Ron here...

Most imported producers know nothing about toxic finishes.

I would air it out preferably outside. Once the smell is gone you can live with it as you are not eating or drinking from it... so the finish is very indirect. So not to worry for storage of your dishes.

Once the smell is gone you could add a thin coat of mineral oil as a barrier but I don't think you would need that if the smell is gone.

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