Staining Wooden Spoons with a Food Safe Wood Stain

Is there any food safe way to stain a wooden spoon?


Ron here...

Good question!

I don't have a perfect answer.

It depends on your personal tolerance for what is toxic, how long the stain dries, and whether it would then bother you in such small amounts.

Only you can decide that based on what the tinctures chemical profile is.

That said, there may be some very low natural dyes that would not be a problem. Knitters often use natural dyes for their wools and I bet you could find something that would work on wood. But that is not my expertise.

Let's say you wanted it a darkish red colour. Then I would gather some arbutus berries and use those to make a stain to darken the wood.

I'll let others add their comments who may have ideas.

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