Turned wooden goblets.

by Stewart Upton
(Bobs Farm, NSW)

I plan turning some wooden goblets for regular use. Thus, a food safe, alcohol resistant, scent free coating is required.

Your suggestions?

Many thanks,
Stewart Upton


Arbutus Ron here...

You could go high tech with a glass-like clear hard finish that you can find at any hardware store or my choice would be nothing.

Once completely sanded smooth, take it off the lathe and set in water for a few minutes. Let dry overnight and then with 1000 grit sandpaper sand again on the lathe.

Do this several times. If your wood is hard enough, it will remain smooth and you can try your alcohol based liquids. Red wine though may stain it. You could test on a scrap doing the same procedure.

Of course you could do many coats of walnut oil with some beeswax added in but you would have to repeat over time and you may get a bit of taste as they wear off.

Best to experiment on scrap and see what you like best.

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