Wanted: ARBUTUS WOOD pieces for wood turning

by Peter Stenabaugh
(Calgary, AB)

I would like to know if it is possible to purchase some Arbutus wood. I am looking for material to turn on a cnc wood lathe so I am interested in wood that is a minimum of 2" in diameter, up to 3" in diameter. anything larger is also ok as I can easily cut it down to what I need. I only need pieces up to approx 8" in length so perhaps it is easier to source and ship shorter pieces - reasonably straight though as we have to mount it into a lathe.

If anyone has access to selling some, I would first like to try a few samples to see how well it turns and finishes. If it works as expected, this is something that I would be interested in purchasing on a regular basis.

If someone has this wood available, please email me with some prices and approximate shipping cost or details.

Peter Stenabaugh,
Calgary, AB

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