what oil would be best for a natural wood finish.

Hi there, I have always loved beautiful raw natural wood finish so I am sanding down a solid wood coffee table that has been ruined by layers of awful dark varnish. its coming up well-but its the first time ive attempted to do this and i need to know what oil would be best to finish it off with and also how can i become more skilful at sanding!! any advice would be most welcome. Thanks.


Arbutus Ron here...

For sanding use different grits: the lower the number the rougher the paper. Work your way up.

For finishing the table that is a whole other question!

You could put a high gloss varathane finish on it that would last forever. A natural finish will be much more easily marked by cups and mugs or spills. Natural finish is great for food utensils but for a table I'd go with a long lasting maintenance free high tech finish.

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