Where do I find a large Madrone tree branch?

I am designing a wall unit that will include cabinetry, a place for the television, and a place reserved for just the right branch. Ideally, I would find a sacred tree ready to be reclaimed for just such a use, but I live in Maryland where I don't think Madrone trees live.

I'm looking for a large branch that is about 75-80" tall, and that has smaller branches that curve to the right. I can clearly "see" what I want, but have no idea how to go about finding this. Suggestions?

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Jul 23, 2011
Spectacular branch
by: Irish Eyes

I used a similar Manzanita branch in my Octagonal canary ariary my husband John made for me and it was absolutely fantastic; the canaries loved it and so did all of my friends and customers. I started my granddaughter's college fund with that adventure. I would gladly send you whatever we had but as the Monk said it would be expensive. I live in California. My husband sent her sister a box of chocolates and it cost $12 to send it. I appreciate your delima as mine is the opposite. I have lots to offer but no way to get it to the many wonderful people who love this magnificent wood, both Madrone and Manzanita.
Contact me at irish2eyes@live.com if I can help you.

Jul 22, 2011
Madrone tree branch
by: Arbutus Ron

You could add a comment with your email for someone to contact you.

The shipping would not be easy... not sure what postal or UPS limits are.

Good luck!


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