Which is a normal handle, which is a daggar (letter openers)

(Tucson, AZ)

I want to order a letter opener, but it is unclear to me which is a normal handle and which is a dagger. I like the style on your web site that is straight. Is that a dagger?

Also, I plan to take it to a jeweler to have it engraved. Does he need to know anything special about engraving this type of wood? He warned me that when he engraves it, the natural color will appear, so the engraved area will be lighter or darker than the rest of the opener. I thought that I might rub a little stain into the engraving to set it off???? Any other tips or suggestions?

Arbutus Ron here

Yes the straight one is dagger style.

As far as engraving goes, the wood is already the natural color, just slightly darker because of the oil. So if he just carve engraves it, then it will be the same more or less. I know nothing about staining.

Hope this helps.

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