Your work is quite beautiful, but I have a comment:

You really should not be selling utensils made from Yew. Virtually every part of the tree (including the wood) is toxic.


Arbutus Ron here...

Seems that there are some differing opinions on it...
Here is a well thought out one:

"Dried yew plant material retains its toxicity for several months..."

I don't think I have sold any for 8-10 years.

Don't know if you believe in bio-energetic testing, but I do... it has been indispensable in my health recovery... see my other

I any case, I just tested a couple of spatulas... the wood is so dry for years now, and I test yes for it so I would have no problem using it for serving or stirring. But that's me.

But just to be safe, I will not make any more of them but rather use the wood for ornamental purposes.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

And I will not sell them anymore too!

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